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BICSI - 2023 SEA Conference & Exhibition
March 16 - 17, 2023

YFC-BonEagle International Inc. join the the FIRST time Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition in Malaysia – a BICSI Endorsed Event, with the mission to create awareness of ICT Standards & Best Practices to the community in this region. Themed Smart ICT: Innovation & Sustainability, this event sets a platform for motivated leaders in the ICT industry to build knowledge, explore new ideas, and inspire one another to grow professionally in the industry.

Smart ICT presents the capacity to greatly improve design, speed of work, accuracy of data, quality and cost control, benefitting tremendously in terms of productivity, efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability of new and existing infrastructure in the engineering and construction industries.

Today, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) plays an integral part in future sustainability. Smart ICT innovation and a human centric approach impact how we engage with our built environment. Thus, there is a dire need for trained ICT professionals to design and build systems with ESG performance in mind, focusing on sustainability, resilience, security including cyber security, safety, and the health of end users.

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