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About YFC-BonEagle International Inc.

We are the subsidiary company of publicly listed YFC-BonEagle Electric Co. Inc. (www. of Taiwan; under the company name YFC-BonEagle International Inc. here in the Philippines. We are the regional distribution hub for the whole Southeast Asian Countries. We also managed our Bataan Factories, where we produce our SCS Copper LAN Cabling, power cords, HDMI, USB products products among others.

Some of the cabling brands that we manufacture, promote and sell thru our channel partners were:

  1. Premium Line Cabling Brand GmBH

  2. Bestlink Netware Co. Inc. Brand US​

  3. Prime Wire and Cable Co. Inc. Brand US

  4. Prime Modular Data Center​​

  5. Beszin Co. Inc. Brand US​

  6. Monoprice Co. Inc. Brand US​

Our YFC-BonEagle International, Inc. manufactures Copper LAN Cabling Products, Fiber Optic Cables and accessories, Cabinet Solutions and other products which we only sell thru our accredited channel-partners. YFC-BonEagle, a technology oriented company with an excellent management team, is well known for high quality and innovative products, Nowadays, YFC-BonEagle sells its products to the global market, Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa. YFC-BonEagle has equipped itself with a variety of certificates including UL, CSA, ETL, 3P, TUV, PSE, etc.

Philippines reference site/s of our brands were; all major Philippines government projects such as Philippine Airports, Southeast Asia Games venues, SMC Main Offices and select Nationwide Branches, Magnolia Plant and subsidiary offices, Robinsons Malls thru the SMART-PLDT Nationwide WIFI Projects, LGU's and public area/s on Smart City Solutions since 2018 until today. We were also involved as turnkey cabling and equipment supplier for the DICT Pipol Konek Nationwide WIFI Projects. Also involve on Smart-PLDT Nationwide WIFI Projects. Also on some BPO's and Call Center SCS such as Convergys, DELL, Atos, MicroSourcing to name a few.

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